Kommando Nowotny’s founder, perdweeb, was once known as “perdue” in the Main Arena. He flew with a variety of characters including JimBeam, MiamiAce, Kermit, LoedeCH, 8Spade, and others. Finding himself between squadrons and unwilling to commit to a new one, perdweeb decided to create a new squadron with a friend, Coog03.

Some months before, perdweeb and MiamiAce formed a squadron known as JG 7 “Nowotny.” This squad was defunct shortly after, but in its short existence, it successfully produced a few notable Aces High pilots including SunFan (or SunsFan). This squad name would not be chosen again, this time perdweeb chose Kommando Nowotny. This squad was chosen because of its leader, Walter Nowotny, because of its experimental nature, and because it was the first operational jet fighter unit. Perdweeb wanted to create the game’s only Me 262 squadron and it was indeed an experiment.

In mere weeks, Kommando Nowotny had grown into a squadron. Its core members in the beginning included perdweeb, Coog03, Sukov, RedFox, czok, Deakon, and Jonah. The squadron began its FSO career shortly after its creation in January of 2010. In February of 2010, Greece was the setting for Kommando Nowotny’s FSO christening. In ironic fashion, there were no spots available on the Axis for a squadron of such small size, so Kommando Nowotny was placed on the Allies. The first kill was recorded by Sukov in a Hurricane Mk. I against an I-16. The squadron racked up 5 kills in 2 minutes and 12 seconds. Little did anyone know that those short minutes would be the beginning of a legacy of domination that is still being written today.

The very next month, Kommando Nowotny was given FW 190A-5’s and Bf 109G’s. Although this was not the beginning of story, it was the true beginning of the squadron’s legacy in Special Events. Within months, the squad grew to a larger size and had many notable names in its ranks including perdweeb, Sukov, Jonah, Fungus, Brentlo, Bosco, DutchGuy, Rhah, L0nGb0w, and Ace8. The squad took on a sort of outlaw reputation, a group of bad boys. The squad participated in Squadron Dueling League where it faced off against the top squads in the game. Squad Dueling League eventually capitulated.

Kommando Nowotny has flown in every Scenario and FSO since 2010 in some capacity. After perdweeb’s fall from grace and ban from all Special Events, the squadron lived on through the name Lachender Teufelkopf Gruppe led by Devil5O5. In 2017, perdweeb made his triumphant return to Special Events and Kommando Nowotny was reborn. Since that time, the squadron has dominated FSO and continues to put up huge numbers each week in events and in the Main Arena.

In the 10 year history of Kommando Nowotny in FSO, the squadron has accumulated over 3,000 kills and the squadron record for most kills in one FSO frame is 44. The members of Kommando Nowotny strive for greatness and demand excellence. Its pilots continue to be wolves among sheep.